We Create a Custom GPT with Your Content

Since 2010, we have grown 500+ businesses via online ads and artificial intelligence (AI). We create custom AI chatbots (similar to ChatGPT) based on your content, videos, website, social media posts, and more! Think of your Custom GPT as a master, all-knowing FAQ resource you can share on your website, bio links, etc. We host, update, and train the custom ChatGPT AI for you ongoing!

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Custom GPT Case Studies

  • Authors/Influencers/Celebs: We create custom AI chatbots based on your novels, textbooks, interviews, podcasts, and more. Users can ask this Custom GPT any question about your unique content and receive an instant answer, with accurate responses based on our uploaded data (no made-up AI hallucinations like ChatGPT)! Plus every response matches your content writing/speaking style and tone.
  • Business Owners: Outsource your customer service! We upload your helpdesk history, past customer service email replies, customer service SOPs, and FAQs to create a robust machine that answers customer questions instantly based strictly on your data. This can free up your employees to manage more important tasks! No more making customers search your website for answers… instead, via a single search field, customers can ask exactly what they want and get clear answers based on the content we upload and train your Custom GPT with.
  • Databases: We create a custom ChatGPT using your data. Whether it be the Petfinder breed database for pet questions or the National Institutes of Health database for health queries, we can create a Custom GPT for users to ask any question and receive instant accurate replies via your exact data (plus we will update your database ongoing for the latest up-to-date information).